THG Production

The Huntress Goddess


THG Productions is a family owned and operated business since 1999. We utilized our creative skills through meditation to receive

downloads from the Akashic Library. These ideas and images that are downloaded are then brought into fruition and are then manifested

into items that you will find on our store. These items can be used in divination and other magickal operations

to fulfill the will and desire of the practitioner.

We believe that each individual person is a star and therefore  the creator of their life path, through choices and actions that they make in their life. 

Whether a person is aware or not  their focus and meditation, is the driving factor of their life's path. So, through the proper self directed  or consciously focused 

meditation  of that persons desire they will begin to start having a consciously driven life that  they choose. One word of caution. Beware of what you allow into

your body, mind and spirit. Become your own guardian. 


Blessed Be.